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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

We would like to thank all journalists and authors, whose articles were published on our website, in advance. We hope for your understanding.

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02 september 2008 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
New Jv company will assist

New joint venture Company Chortok tola is opened in Namangan region. Planned production powers will allow to release before 250 tons of the high-quality yarn at month.
With entering of the company in usage, here is going to work 200 persons. According to agreement, which Korean businessmen have concluded with AO "Uychi pahta tozalash", the assessed contribution of new Uzbek - Korean JV Company must form 2,941 milliard sums. At present moment, due to opening of the new JV Company, the company management is starting building work.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 168 27th of august 2008

30 august 2008 COTTON- NEWS [TAJIKISTAN]
Tajikistan moves to international standards on estimation quality of cotton filament.

Dushanbe. The August 22. "Kazakhstan Today" Tajikistan accept the universal standards USA on cotton filament, the known as international standards; will send the agency with reference to IA "Asia-Plus".
As Tilovmurod Donierov (main specialist of management on international relationship ) has reported to journalist during the meeting the main purpose of given step is an objective estimation quality cotton filament, use the factors quality, increasing of the price and increase his(its) export potential, making the happy circumstances for producers and investor.
As he said according to given international consultant of the Asiatic bank of the development (ABR), during realization of the tajik pat on international standard, price of each tons "white gild" will increase on $80 - 82 that in total can bring additional $12 - 15 mln.
The Specialist Minselihoza RT with attraction of foreign expert and local specialist ABR is designed technical standard cotton-filament on base poles standard of the department of the agriculture USA, which is approved by agency "Tadzhikstandart" and are contributed in state roll.
T. Donierov has noted, for full transition to international system of the categorizations parameter cotton filament necessary to solve the row of the questions, in accordance with production and realization of the pat-product in its raw state. For this ministry offers to create the coordination group at a rate of government RT with attraction specialist ministry and department of the republic.

SOURCE: information agency "Kazakhstan Today" (http://www.kt.kz )15:47 22.08.2008

30 august 2008

28 august 2008 NEWS-COTTON [KAZAKHSTAN] The selective of cotton harvest is began in Maktaarala region YUKO

In 28 of august Chimkent Kazakhstan today In Maktaarala region which located in the south of Kazakhstan is began a selective cotton harvest. Jamantay Besenbaev has noted about this event.
In present time, in the sowing place is starting selective cotton harvest. Earlier there were some defects and water problems in this cotton field. Jamantay Besenbaev has noted that The Mass collection of the cotton harvest will begin in 15 of September 2008.
The deputy governor of the region has carefully expected that average of the cotton productivity must be not below than last year, in spite of the fact that 10 percents of the areas was not provided with water.
We are expecting the average collection of the cotton raw not below of 19-20 centners, I think that we can achieve the last year result Jamantay Besenbaev has noted.
Because of the water problem in vegetation period Jamantay Besenbaev said that, he could provide water in some part of fields but, the rest of 10% areas are not provided.
Source is taken from regional newspaper.

SOURSE: (http://www.kt.kz)


Newly harvested cotton goes to Turkmenistan's granaries.

Granaries of Sedarabat, Mary, Ruhabat and Serdar gathering stations of the Ak Altyn state cotton enterprise received first shipments of cotton on August 23. As before, cotton growers of Lebap, Mary, Ahal and Balkan provinces were the first to start the cotton harvest campaign. Granaries of Dashoguz province will open in early September, the Turkmen State News Agency (TDH) said.

This season, 600 cotton harvesters, mainly US John Deer and Case cotton pickers, of the Turkmenobahyzmat association will be taken to fields across Turkmenistan. 150 granaries stand ready for smooth receiving of the new harvest of cotton. Row cotton will be processed at 35 cotton cleaning plants of the Turkmenpagta state concern. Specialists of the Turkmenstandartlary state service will be checking quality of cotton received.

It should be recalled that Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a decree last April on setting the cotton purchase price with a view to improving the system of cotton growing and payments to farmers. The price set for one tonne of mid fiber cotton was Manat 5,200 million, for fine fiber - Manat 7,500 million. The price for cotton seeds was also raised. Payments for cotton are made both in national and hard currency.

25.08.08 14:22 TURKMENISTAN.RU, 2008

SOURSE: http://www.turkmenistan.ru

The harvest cleaning season is approaching

Get 70 centners of the cotton from each of 30 hectares - such high plank has installed the group of "Asamov Ali Mirzaevich" (farming facility).
Last year Hikoyat opa and her assistants have begun to introduce a high productive local sort "Denau", and have removed on 60 centners of raw product. The base of the harvest is pawned in autumn and farmers have conducted deep plowing.
This labour (work) is weighted for members of farming facility.
Today mintage ends on cotton card, its important to make a gro technical work, for increasing the harvest. The harvest cleaning season is approaching.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (The truth of the east) 160 22nd of August 2008.

26 august 2008 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
The qualitative product from Poytug-Teks

In Uzbekistan is conducting a significant work by modernizations of the production branches, and also with the aim to attract of foreign investments.
For the last years in Andijan region is realizing consequent reforms in given direction. Only this year was put in formation more than ten joint-ventures in cities and in regions of Andijon, moreover, on large industrial factories is installed new technologies.
One of these companies is Uzbek-British JV "Poytug -Teks Company" which located in Poytug city and power is reaches 4 200 tons of the knitted fabric per annum.
The new technology of the Joint venture company has allowed to upgrade a product and raise a economic effectiveness. Moreover, this company has opened two trade houses in Cheches and where are taken the lot orders from European countries. The Group of the company is planning to send on export 80 percents of (produced) product.
The local investor Tolibozhon Kodirov is noted that company consists of 120 workers and more of them are young employers.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (The national word) 167 26 of August 2008

In the cotton field of Hosilova

The Farming facility "Hosil" - is one of the leading places in Kattakurgan region.
In these days, members of farming facility lead the care by cotton seed OMAD on 56 hectares in order to speed the harvest. They are done to much successful works in cotton field. With the help of undertaking well-timed gro technical action, on each bush was formed 18-20 full-fledged bolls.
This year, the farmer is also is going to get a high profit and planning to build the complex of trade and home services. In the same way, he could to create a good condition for youth.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (The truth of the east) 160 22nd of August 2008

Care in cotton field

There are sixteen employers which are works in "Eminzhon Margiloniy" farming facility, and this facility located in Kuychirchik region. Zakir Rustamov is the main manager of this farming facility.
Tillers are cultivating cotton plant on 35 hectares. Plants are well attended. The harvest is going to be rich (to make a good result). 26 hectares were made for wheat. With taken before state by obligations farmers have sold 71 tones grain.
Zakir Rustamov is noted that, farming facility is going to reach a good result and become a strong. Farmers are bought tractor, two trailors and other equipments for farming works.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (The truth of the east) 159 21st of August 2008

25 august 2008 TEXTILE-NEWS [CHINA]

▪ The Chinese association of textile industry: In the first of half year, the export volume of textile production and ready cloth has formed 83.851 milliard dollars (the increase on 11.11%).

▪ The number of Chinese population in 25.01.2008 1325724950 (in the beginning of 2008: 10380800)

SOURCE:(Web-Site)Business with China 94 25th of august 2008

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