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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

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27 june 2008

NEWS FROM RUBRIC " NEWS-TEXTILE" [ UZBEKISTAN ] The regular international contest of the young stylist and designers. This «Podium 2008» will be held in Tashkent in the middle of autumn. At the capital of our independent republic………… When collection was valued of «Return to the future» on "Podiume-2007" , in Czech city Brno, almost three hundred participants of the contest were impressed. The fashion show of the young stylists from Uzbekistan was successful. The Collection of the cloth in national style and with the original and unique east coloring were presented in nomination "Vanguard", authoritative jury put the best results. Uzbek collection from knitted fabric fell into quintuple leader and appeared in nomination of the modern youth cloth. And become in the centre of attention among the representatives from more than six hundred large companies which occupied in fabrics and cloths production. The young stylists and designers from Uzbekistan made the best debut on «Podium 2003» Today we can say with confidence that we can find a qualified trendsetter and young stylists in our country which made a seminal, professional work.. This has influenced upon decision South- Russian state university of the economy and service, organizer of "Podium", to held the next contest in Tashkent. even more so that Uzbekistan is located in the centre of the great silk road, by the government made an attempt practice steps for recovering the national culture. The organizator had a two ponderable arguments in order to held the «Podium 2008» in Tashkent city. First, by initiative The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov, special ambitious program of the concrete measures is realized in country on speedup of the development of the services calculated for a period of 2010. …………………………………….(This article is taken from source «truth of the east» ¹ 121 - 26 of June 2008)

27 june 2008

More than 70 percents of the knitted linen of the JOINT-VENTURE "Poytug-òåês" will go on export. . In Poytug - Izboskan town was opened join-stock company like «Izboskan shoyu tukush» and now uzbek- a british joint -venture are ready to enter in formation "Poytug-òåêñ", the statutory fond which consist of 11 million 167 thousand dollars. Here is planning to process 4200 tons of the knitted linen, from which will be released 2400 tons of the final products during the one year. More than 70 percents of product is intended on export. To account attracted in JV direct foreign investment is gained modern equipment, lead his(its) montage. 120 Workers will add On new enterprise. But when JV will earn in get full power, the number of workman will increase till 450. The Foreign partner attracted carefully made business plan of the future JV. The Representatives of the foreign company arrived on AOO «Izboskan shoyu tukush» " and the are made sure that production object can answers for their requirements. they are also had noted the qualified specialists, the strong work group and have signed the agreement on making the joint-venture. ……………………this article is taken from source «truth of the east» ¹ 121 - 26 of June 2008

26 june 2008

By The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the auspices of International consulting committee on cotton field, will be held the next annual international Cotton market in Tashkent city on October 14-15, 2008. It is Necessary to note that each earlier called on fair has shown the guest of the market not only east hospitality of our nation and also high professionalism, responsible organizers of the market. The participants and guests of this market could have been sure once again to make in devout wishes of the leaders of the share foreign trade companies, also invariably continue the politician to openness at conclusion of agreements on supply cotton filament and hereunder on constant base of the rapport to develop the long-term relations with participant world cotton market. Large parties of the Uzbek cotton will are exposed on sale of the cotton market More Detailed information you can get from MVESIT: http://cotton.mfer.uz/en/invitation.htm

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