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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

We would like to thank all journalists and authors, whose articles were published on our website, in advance. We hope for your understanding.

Dear friends and colleagues. We will be sincerely grateful to each of you for any assistance in providing us with fresh news and information on mentioned industries.

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The Textile combine In Denau.

The textile combine is created with attraction of foreign and local investment, and gives broad possibilities for development of the region economy. Here on the first time is already placed in a job about 50 people. The assortment of qualitative product on local market became much broader. In textile combine this assortment are released more than 60 types.
The director of the SMAT-DTK" textile combine has reported, due to lax credit for amount of 100 thousand dollars, they have been able to gain the modern import technological line that has vastly raised capacity of the labour and quality of producing product.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 160 13 2008

15 august 2008 COTTON- NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
The efficiency of Bio method.

In Karaulbazar place of Bukhara region has a great progress on "Ahmad Salom" cotton field. With the help of agriculture, on average, in each cotton bush is growing nearly 8-9 bolls.
In Karaulbazar "Ahmad Salom" cotton field is processed 60 hectares field. There is a premeditation to raise productivity prior to 36 centners of the hectare. its to difficult to make good results in steppe climate condition.
At the cost of, in given region is opened a bio fabric of "Bioservis" join-stock Company for insect extinction, which affect in cotton field.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (The truth of the east) 151 8 of August 2008.

13 august 2008 COTTON- NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]

The tender sale are Declared on bulk purchase of complex equipment for reconstruction of Djuma and Romiton cotton factories with rendering the services on mounting, starting-adjustment and learning the technical personnel on place of the montage.

In given tender can take part as foreign companies and organizations so and domestic being producer or supplier bought to product, similar subject of the tender.

1.The labour body of tender commission agency is "Uzbektenderkonsalting" at Ministry of the foreign economic relations, investment and trading of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The Address: The Republic of Uzbekistan, 100077 Tashkent, str. Buyuk Ipak Yuli, 75, Telephone (99871) 238-53-42. The Fax (99871) 268-25-96. E-mail: info@uztender.uz.

2. The tender article:
Tender UTC-08/71
Supply the complex equipment with service rendering and learning the technical personnel on place of the montage for reconstruction of OAO Djuma Paxta Zavodi factory (located in Samarqand region) 1- completion.
Tender UTC-08/72
Supply the complex equipment with service rendering and learning the technical personnel on place of the montage for reconstruction of OAO Ok Oltin factory (located in Bukhara region) 1- completion.
3. The Terms of delivery (according to Inkoterms -2000):
Tender UTC-08/71
-For foreign suppliers: DDU station Ulugbek, the Samarqand region of the republic of Uzbekistan:
- For domestic suppliers: DDP platform OAO "Djuma paxta zavodi".
Tender UTC-08/72
-For foreign suppliers: DDU station Bukhara -1 In Bukhara region of the Republic Of Uzbekistan
-For domestic suppliers: DDP platform OAO Ok Oltin factory
4. The Delivery date and condition of the payment: is specified in invitation on tender sale and tender documentation.
5. It will be held a qualification selection of pretenders before beginning the Tender.
6. The cost of the tender documentation reflected in invitation on tender sale and tender documentation.
7. The price of deposit (the bank warranty) for participation in tender, is reflected in invitation on tender sale and tender documentation.
8. Payment conditions and bank requisitions for contributing the deposit (the bank warranty) and payment for tender documentation reflected in invitation on tender sale and tender documentation.
9. Closing day of the receiving the tender offers - till 15.00 of Tashkent time, on September 8 2008.
10. The Tender commission can make a decision on extension of the period of presentation of the tender offers, which spreads on all participant of the tender.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (The truth of the East) 150 7th of August 2008

The volume of export is increasing.

On Gurlan factory (of the foreign sub-company) "Muruvvat Teks" is possessing 4, 5 thousand tons of cotton filaments in per annum.

15 years have passed since of starting in formation of given company. For the past period here was installed Germany, Italians, and Turkey modern equipment production to the sum of 19 million dollar.
In the course of 6 month (current year 2008) the company is made 654 tons of the yarn, task was run for 130 percents. The Volume of export has formed 1 million 230 thousand dollar.
In this company are created all condition for workers, in particular they are provided with free feeding. They are also provided with transports in order to come home and to company by transport. Moreover, they have a possibility to get a necessary medical aid.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (The national word) 158 9th of August 2008

August- - is decisive month in cotton yield accumulation.

The Farming facilities "Hosil" which located in Kattakurgan district of Samarqand region - making great results with the help of effectively using the privileges and possibility, provided to representative of this sphere.
The Members of facilities are made their work in time by stocking up grain and cocoon, at present lead care on 56 hectares. Due to correct undertaking of gro techniques action on each bush develops on 18-20 bolls at the average. The farmers also make a professional work in order to grow up the cotton well.
This year, farmers have grow the grain seed (the sort KRASNODAR-99) and has got 224 tons of the harvest, profit has formed in 12 million sums. The Contractual tasks were run for 121 percents, 116 tons of the harvest are portioned between member of facilities.
All this is a result of attention and cares of the state leader about development of the farming promotion.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the east) 149 6h of August 2008

10 august 2008 NEWS-COTTON [UZBEKISTAN] .August- is a guarantee (Period) for taking a big crop.

August - is decisive month for cotton-growers in fighting for big crop. All tillers know well about this, and in this period they are spend more time in cotton field. August month is a real exam for fortitude. Its already organized eight international processings. Our machine operators work qualitative, try to keep the depth of the processing and not to damage the plants. These and the other agro techniques of the measure are executed upon the terms and in high correspondence to with requirements, give the gain to yield. on average in each bush on 9-10 full-fledged bolls presently. And accumulation of the yield is lasts. So last year's border in 35 centners with hectare farmers are intending to exceed and get 40 centners on circle, having delivered to state 300 tons of the qualitative cotton. Each year farmer gets the yield of the cotton plant on 35-37 centners from one hectare. Well-timed and qualitative execution all agro technicians action in these august spare emphases and in farming facilities farmers of Yangiyul region. Here, a special attention is sparing to cotton protection from wrecker. For this is used a biological method. The cotton-growers make their activities in different condition and also organizing works in cotton field. The main purpose of the farmers is to get maximum result from the cotton field and collect a high cotton yield. In present time, the cotton-growers (farmers) are doing all the best in order to make their dreams come true.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 156 7th of August 2008


The state - a share commercial bank "Asaka" (OAO) invites potentials investors and buyers for participation in investing or ransom acting objects of the production purpose with all engineering communication and infrastructure in different region of the republic. 1/. Tashkent region: - The object purpose: The organization of medical bleached cotton wool production; - The annual volume of production (on project): 2000, 0 tons; - The producer of equipment: Germany, Switzerland, Russia. 2/. Sirdaria region: - The object purpose: The organization of ready knitted product ; - The annual volume of production (on project): 7056, 0 thousand. pcs.; - The producer of equipment: Japan, Taiwan, Turkey. 3/. The Republic of Karakalpakstan. Turtkul town: - The object purpose: The organization of knitted product (sewing product); - The annual volume of production (on project): 2500,0 tons; - The producer of equipment: Germany. Address: Tashkent city, Mirabad district, Nukus 67 street. The state - a share commercial bank "Asaka" (OAO) Contact telephones: +(99871) 120-39-45, 120-39-75, 120-39-76.

SOURSE: Exchange- the reporter of east 61 31 of July 2008

04 august 2008 NEWS-TEXTILE [UZBEKISTAN] Work places for school leavers.

This year, more than 300 hundred youths and girls have graduated the professional college of industry in Djakurgan region. The joint-venture "Surhanteks Company", will accept half of them to work. Last year, in "Surhanteks JV Company" was accepted more than 128 hundred of youth and every one of them find his profession. The main course of the educational institution is- reprocessing of cotton fiber.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the East) 145 31 of July 2008.

02 august 2008 NEWS-COTTON [UZBEKISTAN] Tenders are extended on sale to investors of 25 companies.

The State commission on undertaking the tender sale, in accordance with Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP- 672 from July 20 2007 notifies about undertaking the period of the presenting tender offers on earlier declared tender. The Period of the receiving the tender offers expires on August 19 2008. In Tashkent city, on tender are exposed the following companies: OAO "Uzpahtamash" realizes 50% share on the price $ 6567,5 thous, as well as the other branches companies. 26% their own share on start price $ 1898.8 thous, is exposes OAO "Koson-1 paxta tozalash", located in Kashkadaria region. The company is exposes on tender with provision for the top investments obligations.

SOURSE: BVV 59 24th of July 2008

02 august 2008 NEWS-COTTON [UZBEKISTAN] Ally (Assistance) for farmers.

In Mirzachil region be in production (acting) the bio laboratory more than 20 years. It is unfailing remedy for farmers in association of "Uzbekistan", "Turkistan" and "Istiklol". The necessary bio materials are provided for farmers on three thousand hectares annually. On cotton fields is spared the big attention to preventive measures. The specialists training the tillers in order to get more efficient with the help of providing bio materials.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the East) 143 29th of July 2008

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