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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

We would like to thank all journalists and authors, whose articles were published on our website, in advance. We hope for your understanding.

Dear friends and colleagues. We will be sincerely grateful to each of you for any assistance in providing us with fresh news and information on mentioned industries.

Please doe not forget to mention the name of a website where you took materials and information to our address (mentioned in the “Contacts” section). Incorrect and unreliable information will not be published.

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We apologize for any possible minor mistakes in texts, as they are translated by not a native speaker.

20 november 2009 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
More than 90 percent is exported.

The joint Uzbek-Russian company "Rus-Uzbek-Teks” operating in the Rishtan district of the Ferghana region, exported 2,345 tons of cotton yarn to near and far abroad countries in the first nine months of this year, which is more than 90 percent of the products manufactured here.

This was made possible due to a serious large-scale modernization, technical and technological production update. At present, after the new capacity was put in operation, they manufacture 300 tons of finished products monthly here.

SOURCE: Extract (Mass Media): “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹226 of 20 November, 2009.

19 november 2009 COTTON-NEWS
The Commission verifying the legality of cotton purchase prices is working In South Kazakhstan.

Shymkent. November 18. Kazakhstan Today – Since November 16 the Commission verifying the legitimacy of formation of raw cotton purchase prices began its work in the South Kazakhstan region. This is what the deputy head of the SKR agriculture department Sultan Tursynbaev told the agency reporter about.

"According to the decision of regional authorities since November 16 tax authorities together with the antitrust department are checking the legality of raw cotton purchase prices established by private cotton processing enterprises", - said S. Tursynbaev.

We recall that since November 3 the Government fixed raw cotton purchase prices at 60 thousand tenge for the 1st grade, 52 thousand tenge for the 2nd grade and 45 thousand tenge for the 3rd grade. However, only one plant of 18 cotton-processing enterprises in South Kazakhstan is owned by the state, and this means that the government instruction has a direct effect only on this enterprise.

"Some private ginneries raised their prices and also buy cotton at those prices, but some other plants keep low prices for the present", - said S. Tursynbaev.

The deputy head assured that "if the Commission identifies violations in purchasing raw cotton, they will apply stringent economic measures to violators."

SOURCE: 13:31/18.11.2009 // News agency “Kazakhstan Today” (http://www.kt.kz)

19 november 2009 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
More good products.

Main components that stimulate the growth of production volumes, improve product quality and lower their costs, are modern equipment, advanced technologies, and, importantly, production from good domestic raw materials.

These trends underlie the activity of "Feruz-Khorazm" Ltd. operating in Urgench. Since the beginning of the year they produced and delivered the knitwear worth 1,5 billion sums to the consumer market, which is by 40 percent higher than at the same period of the last year. This performance growth was achieved through development of new production capacities.

At present, this modern company, equipped with the latest equipment, employs 200 professionals. By the end of the year they will produce more finished products worth 500 million sums.

SOURCE: Extract (Mass Media): “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹221 of 13 November, 2009

19 november 2009 SILK - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
Namangan atlas gains popularity .

In a short period of time employees of the Namangan "VODIY IPAGI" LLC, which was created on the basis of the bankrupt joint venture "Silk-Road", achieved much success. The company produced about 50 tons of high-quality products, orders for which came from Japan, Iran, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

In addition, they signed a contract with Indian businessmen to deliver the atlas worth 100 thousand dollars to this country, and the first batch of the exquisite fabric worth 480 million sums has been successfully sold on the domestic market.

- The current capacity allows producing about 300 tons of products annually, said the first deputy director of the "VODIY IPAGI" LLC Marufzhon Turgunov. - The uninterrupted operation directly depends on stocks of raw materials and adoption of new technologies. With this in mind we have already procured 300 tons of silkworm cocoons and begun updating production lines and repairing facilities, demounting obsolescent equipment. The investor JSC “NBU INVEST” allocated 3.5 billion sums for this purposes.

SOURCE: Extract (Mass Media): “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹225 of 19 November, 2009.

13 november 2009 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
The volume of exports grows .

The textile enterprise “Shizhoattekstimash” operating in the Dzhandar district of the Bukhara region specializes in manufacturing towels of all kinds of colors and sizes.

Despite the fact that the company is relatively young, it has managed to find its niche both on domestic and foreign markets. Modern equipment and advanced technologies ensure high quality products.

Now 20 specialists work here, they are professionals at their jobs. Since the beginning of this year, they exported finished products in the amount of 235 thousand dollars, which exceeded the planned rate by four times.

In the future they plan to expand the production. To do this, the company received a preferential loan of 80 million sums.

SOURCE: Extract (Mass Media): “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹219 of 11 November, 2009.

10 november 2009 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
Keeping step with progress .

The Denau "Smart Tekstil" LLC in the Surkhandarya region specializes in production of textiles. It employs 62 people, mostly from the local youth.

It is noteworthy that most of the work is automated by the adoption of modern foreign production technologies. That is what provides good quality products, their demand on the local market.

Successfully sold products favor increase in incomes, which in turn positively affects the work and recreation conditions of employees, their pay rise.

SOURCE: Extract (Mass Media): “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹215 of 4 November, 2009

09 november 2009 COTTON-NEWS
The Kazakh Research Institute of Cotton selects new varieties of colored cotton.

Almaty. November 5. Kazakhstan Today – The “Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Cotton” LLP under the Ministry of Agriculture (MA) of RK selects new varieties of colored cotton. The general director of the Institute Ibadulla Umbetaev reported this, speaking at the 4-th textile congress in Almaty, reports the agency correspondent.

According to I. Umbetaev, breeding new varieties of colored cotton was carried out within the bounds of a program on a competitive basis of the Ministry of Agriculture and financed by the state. There are 14 colors of new varieties - from light gray to brown. In addition, the institute plans to breed the cotton with green, red, blue and black shades.

“We already have an almost claret one, plan to breed a blue one, black is also possible. This requires significant financial resources and customers, who will fund this" - he explained.

According to the general director of the Research Institute, new varieties of colored cotton will allow to cheapen production of colored fabrics by 28 - 30%, because yarn dyeing and dye recycling is not required. In addition, the fabrics, made of naturally colored cotton fiber, have no contraindications for people with allergies to dyes. According to the head of the RI, there are more than 15% of such people in the world now.

"We cooperate with the United States, Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, China and India. They have been producing colored cotton in these countries for a few years, and the production of fabrics from the cotton is much cheaper than that made from white cotton, because there no need to dye it. With such cotton it is possible to produce linen, linen for pre-schools, boarding schools, and the army", - said I. Umbetaev.

He recalled that in South Kazakhstan, "in a free economic zone about four cotton spinning and cotton textile mills have started to work.” "So, the prospects are very large, and we will continue this work," - he stressed.

SOURCE: 15:27/05.11.2009 // News agency “Kazakhstan Today” (http://www.kt.kz)

09 november 2009 COTTON-NEWS

They will complete the construction of the plant producing high yield cotton seeds in South Kazakhstan by the end of the year.

SOURCE: 13:11/05.11.2009 // News agency “Kazakhstan Today” (http://www.kt.kz)

08 november 2009 COTTON-NEWS
The purchase price of raw cotton should be 60 tenge per kilogram - Minister of Agriculture in the RK.

Shymkent. November 3. Kazakhstan Today - The Minister of Agriculture Akylbek Kurishbayev believes that the purchase price of raw cotton should be 60 tenge per kilogram. He stated this at the recently held meeting in the Maktaaral district of the South Kazakhstan region, reports a agency correspondent.

Farmers told reporters that until recently, cotton processing posts offered to buy cotton for 48 tenge per kilogram. However, according to cotton growers, this is a very low price.

"It turns out that we have slaved our guts out in the fields since the early spring till the snow, and cotton post owners receive all the pleasure. They foxed the reception price at 48 tenge per kilogram of raw cotton, as well as grade of quality, humidity and so on. Acceptance inspectors reduce at least 100 kilograms in every ton. If I sell my cotton at that price, I will even owe them for the received prepayment. If they do not fix us a normal price, we decided that on November 5 we will block the bridge across the Syr Darya. We have no way out: either come to ruin or get a fair price", - told reporters of the regional television station "Otrar" the head of a small farm Janat Baytanaeva.

In his speech at the meeting the Minister A. Kurishbayev stated that it was necessary to raise the purchase price to 60 tenge per kilogram of raw cotton, but the leaders of cotton processing enterprises did not comment on this statement of the Minister.

As they informed a news agency correspondent in the regional agricultural management, there is no change in the pricing policy by now.

According to the data by the regional agricultural management, they have gathered 176 thousand 300 tons of raw cotton in all.

SOURCE: 18:50/03.11.2009 // News agency “Kazakhstan Today” (http://www.kt.kz)

Labor victory of cotton growers in the Murghab district.

A new good piece of news has come from cotton fields of the Mary province. Following farmers of the Yoloten district cotton growers of the Murghab district reported the implementation of their contractual obligations to produce raw cotton, they brought over 36 thousand 500 tons of "white gold" to the big Harman of the Motherland.

They allotted 21500 hectares of land for the valuable technical crop. It should be noted that more than half of the crop was grown in the Oguzhan area. Most of the eighteen farmer associations in the district coped with their obligations. The main part of the gathered raw - cotton belongs to middle fiber grades. Farmers of the Murghab district undertake to gather more 1 thousand 500 tons of "white gold", and thereby, deliver 38 thousand tons of raw cotton to the satate Harman.

The achievement of Murgab cotton growers is a worthy response to the continuing concern of the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov – an initiator of a radical reform of the domestic agribusiness - on peasants, development of the cotton industry and agriculture in general.

The cotton-harvest time in the Mary province is continuing rapidly. Farmers seek to optimally use each day and hour to gather their entire crop of raw cotton to the last boll. At the same time they sow winter crops in an organized way in the fields of the region and conduct other seasonal agricultural works, including the implementation of current farming measures.

SOURCE: http://www.turkmenistan.gov.tm; Date: 02/11/2009,
State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

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